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Advanced Scientific Injection Molding

Industry Leader in Development

There are roughly 1,270 molders in the United States. Out of these, only about 10% use Scientific Injection Molding for developing their molding process. Scientific Injection Molding does not develop a complete process and is not enough to deliver quality product. International Plastics is the only molder who is using Advanced Scientific Injection Molding, which looks at all the critical areas of the molding process.

ASIM Molding Processes

Advanced Scientific Injection Molding (ASIM) is the only complete injection molding process development tool that delivers quality parts on a constant basis.

  • There are 8 key process parameters to monitor in a molding process
  • Scientific Injection Molding only monitors 4 process parameters
  • Advanced Scientific Injection Molding monitors ALL eight of these key process parameters

It is only with the use of all 8 of these critical parameters that you get repeatable, quality molded products every time.