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Cost Savings

We Engineer Economy

Converting your metal parts to plastic can provide not only better functioning parts, but also significant cost savings. International Plastics has been providing customers innovative ways to convert their metal products to plastic through our materials expertise, design expertise, and sitting down with engineering teams to understand the functionality of the part and desired outcomes.

Savings Examples

Examples of International Plastics providing better product and savings:

  • A motor company had a brass forging. International Plastics converted it to a tough 45% glass filled material resulting in a cost savings of $120,000 per year.
  • An Industrial customer had zinc die cast gears, which failed over time because the gear teeth could not be made as accurately as molded gear teeth. International Plastics converted these gears to plastic and the customer didn’t have to replace their product under their lifetime warranty due to the gears lasting for the life of the product.
  • A security company, which had never used plastic in their product before replaced all their machined metal parts to plastic. They never thought to use plastic due to some of the parts needing EMI shielding. International Plastics engineers formulated the plastic necessary to meet their shielding requirements. The new all plastic product resulting in a 30% weight reduction of their product as well as a 64% total product cost savings.