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IP Molding Advantage

Recognized Molding Leader

International Plastics has been a recognized leader in the injection molding industry for over 30 years. Our Advanced Scientific Injection Molding process development software is the only process development system that looks at ALL eight critical process parameters. This molding process is called decoupled molding.

Decoupled molding allows you to analytically monitor the process and separate it into distinctive elements. This is what gives the process incredible repeatability and reliability and delivers the quality you demand every time.

It is our commitment to the molding process that has earned us the reputation to our customers as being their “invisible supplier”.

International Plastics can handle all of your engineered plastic needs.


“Our relationship is incredible. I just place the orders and the parts show up on time. We’ve been working with International Plastics since 1991 and we’ve never had a defective part.” – Buyer, International Plastics customer

“We sometimes forget they are our supplier because they never come up when discussing our supplier problems. They are our invisible supplier!” – International Plastics customer

“I wish we had more plastic parts in our products, because they make my job much easier.” -Buyer, International Plastics customer