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Lean Molding/Automation

The Lean Molding Philosophy

Lean manufacturing is what International Plastics has been based on for over 30 years. Our philosophy is to evaluate all aspects of the manufacturing process and eliminate all non-value added functions. Our molding facility is only staffed with 1 molding technician per shift, 2 quality personnel, and one material handler. This focus on lean manufacturing with constant product inspection, allows us to produce the highest quality parts at competitive pricing.

Lean Molding Advantages

  • Employee/press ratio as an industry average = 5.4 people/press
  • Employee/press ratio at competing “lean” molders = 1.2 people/press
  • Employee/press ratio at International Plastics = 0.7 people/press

It is through our use of Advanced Scientific Injection Molding, lean manufacturing, inspection systems & equipment, and training that International Plastics delivers the highest quality parts at competitive pricing.


Automation has been a strategic focus of International Plastics since 1986. Our continuous effort to take cost out of the molding process and streamline manufacturing allows us to provide the highest quality at competitive prices.

Our molding facility operates:

  • Fully automated Toshiba injection molding machines, with computer controlled process & quality monitoring systems
  • Robotic removal and conveyor systems
  • Automated material handling systems
  • Quality inspections take place right at the press

All of our machines range from 30-60 tons.