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Machined vs. Molded

Machining vs. Molding Comparison

Molded PEEK parts are a better and usually a less expensive way to produce your part then machining or extrusion. The machining of PEEK in studies shows that the part is not as strong compared to the molded PEEK.

PEEK prices vary greatly as well. Typically PEEK rod and tube is 25% or more expensive than injection molded PEEK on a per pound basis. Converting your machined PEEK part to a molded part can give you instant savings.

Part quantities are usually the only limiting factor in switching to a molded part, but we get projects often that have volumes as low as 2000 per year.

Molding Advantages

Some of the advantages of molded PEEK parts are

  • Less expensive material cost
  • Little to no secondary operations needed
  • Molded PEEK parts maintain the materials characteristics better than machined PEEK parts