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PEEK Polymers

Sophisticated Polymer

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is one of the world’s most sophisticated polymers. Its use is wide ranging because of its unique attributes. PEEK is used in the medical industry for its sterilization capabilities, oil & gas industries due to its chemical resistance. PEEK is also a great wear material, so it is used in abrasive environments with great success.

International Plastics has been molding PEEK for years and is a Victrex and Evonik approved PEEK molder. Whether it is thin wall PEEK molding, glass filled PEEK, exotic fillers, we’ve done it.

PEEK Advantages

PEEK has many advantages to traditional metals in applications

  • Performs better in steam than stainless steel
  • Performs better in wear applications
  • Is chemical resistant
  • When filled with glass or carbon fiber reinforcement performs well in tensile and high strength applications