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Engineering Grade Materials

Superior Materials for Superior Parts

Of all the plastics molded in 2011, only 30% were of engineering grade. Most of the 1,270 molders in the U.S. mold commodity (non-engineering grade) materials and the only engineering grade plastic they mold are ABS, Nylon, and maybe once in a while Acetal (Delrin, Celcon) or Polycarbonate (Lexan).

Engineering materials require special drying equipment that the commodity materials don’t. As a result more times then not the molder isn’t properly drying the material, resulting in inferior parts.

International Plastics molds only engineering grade materials. We’ve been molding them for over 30 years.

We’re Equipped for All Materials

International Plastics can handle all of your engineered plastic needs.

  • We mold ONLY engineering grade materials.
  • Every machine is equipped with the proper equipment to handle any material.
  • From unfilled nylon to custom compounded PEEK blends we have the experience to mold all of your plastic molded parts.